Both a decorative object and a storage accessory, the woven basket has become a real must! In natural fiber, it brings an irresistible bohemian chic touch to your decor.

The woven basket: the practical and design storage solution

Baskets, baskets, baskets … This is what you need to complete your interior furniture and tidy up the house ! Our range of storage baskets has the advantage of offering you a multitude of different sizes and styles for any type of interior. Looking for a practical solution for storing newspapers and other magazines? Let yourself be tempted by Phu Tho, our basket in natural plant fiber which will embellish your living room in addition to giving it a natural touch. Tired of having laundry lying around between the bedroom and the bathroom? Opt for Tan An, a two-tone basket with refined accents that will make a wonderful laundry basket. In addition, its handles allow ultra easy transport! But our storage baskets and baskets aren’t just for storing fleeting things, they can also be used to store your beauty products in the bathroom like Raq Sala does so well. This cute palm leaf basket with an ultra-glamorous look is covered in silver glitter that will help you keep your favorite things close at hand! In addition to being very practical, our range of baskets brings real character to your interior. In bamboo, palm or recycled tire fiber, these storage solutions are above all aesthetic and go perfectly with our natural suspensions or with Tham, our seagrass carpet!

Bamboo basket or wicker basket, the decorative detail that does everything

Far beyond their practicality, our baskets and storage baskets are also the ideal home accessory to bring to your interior a chic and elegant side, while relaxed. Available in various sizes, with or without handles, two-tone or natural, our baskets allow you to dress an empty corner of the house, the edge of a fireplace or a kitchen. We invite you to come and discover Phong, our recycled tire basket with a design and industrial style to store your logs near the fire or the classic Khong with a round belly that will sublimate your linen sofa while keeping your plaids warm. The bohemian chic trend is in full swing and at Bantay, we have something to delight fans of refined but also colorful interiors! Favor the natural color of our vegetable fiber baskets to perfect the warmth of your room or create a seaside atmosphere by falling for Nam Dinh, our two-tone basket with an original design. More than simple storage solutions, the baskets and other baskets that we offer will bring that little je ne sais quoi that your decor is missing!

Our baskets and baskets are handmade and from fair trade

The weaving of bamboo and palm involves a traditional know-how that is passed down from generation to generation. Moreover, our baskets and baskets are the result of this craft work carried out by the families we met during our travels and that we have decided to support through this project. Where we were lucky enough to witness all the stages in the making of these beautiful decorative objects, we were also able to attest to the conditions of poverty in which these families work. From then on, supporting fair trade seemed obvious to us! Our objective ? Improve the living conditions of small producers by guaranteeing them fair remuneration and t all that follows: access to education and vocational training, ‘home improvement but also better health. Acquiring one of our handmade vegetable fiber baskets also ensures the continuity of the craftsmanship and traditions it carries. Each piece is unique, so make the most of it! Solidarity business practices as well as responsible production thanks to local and natural materials, what more could you ask for?