Pendant lights are an integral part of the life of a home! Add a light, ceiling or chandelier and the ambiance of your room is instantly transformed.

How to choose your natural pendant light: bamboo chandelier or wicker lampshade?

Natural fiber pendant lights and lampshades have come back in fashion in recent years, so much so that in a bohemian interior they are the ones that set the tone. Wicker, bamboo or raffia, plant fibers have become the key materials in terms of authenticity . How nice it is to match a light with pretty bamboo tote baskets like the very trendy duo Tan An or Tham, our authentic seagrass rug. But as we know, making a good choice is not always easy … In terms of lighting, Bantay Living offers a wide range of lampshades and chandeliers that will perfectly highlight your little cocoon, and this at a low price. Their braiding plays on transparency to better allow light to pass through, thus offering endless possibilities! Alone or in clusters, our plant lights will enhance your decor. With these pretty natural materials, anything goes!

Wicker suspensions and lights, the secret of a successful bohemian chic interior!

The bohemian decor seduces us with its timeless style which invites you to travel and its natural materials which call for more authenticity and softness. In this type of interior, it is the pendant lights that set the tone! Nothing could be simpler to enhance a ceiling than to install several in different formats, and why not play with the heights or the intensity of the light? You don’t even need a large living room, the charm of our pendant lights also transform small spaces . The advantage of vegetable fibers is that their natural color allows all the follies in terms of decoration! Have you always dreamed of a subdued atmosphere in your room? Play on symmetry with Sau Mai, a recycled paper pendant lamp whose authentic and refined weaving will enhance your interior, and this on each side of the bed. Do you want to invite you on a trip from your living room? A palm leaf suspension such as Byly Kalir will charm your guests in addition to bringing an exotic touch to your decor! Not satisfied with the lighting in the hall? Adopt the delicately clean lines of Kim Na,to warmly welcome anyone who comes through the door!

Our designer lamps are handcrafted and from fair trade.

Have you ever heard of fair trade crafts? No ? We explain to you. As you can probably imagine, the major advantage of our brand is that our s pendant lights are all handcrafted thanks to the know-how of our artisan friends. But that’s not all! In addition to offering a large collection of handmade decorative lamps, Bantay has also set itself the task of guaranteeing fair remuneration and commensurate with the work accomplished. To do this, we only work with families that we have met and whose working conditions and frameworks we know. Buying our suspensions also means encouraging responsible production since our products are made from local materials and from nature, all without any transformation! So, still not convinced? The implementation of these ethical and united practices pushed us to look further and that is why all profits from sales are donated to associations sharing the same values ​​as ours. At Bantay, we are convinced that buying beautiful decoration to dress up your interior should be affordable. In addition to helping the planet by using wisely what it offers us, you allow the craftsman to perpetuate his art.