What is the history of Entraide et Fraternité?

One of the associations we support! Entraide et Fraternité throughout time… The first Share Lent campaign was launched in 1961 under the name of Entraide et Fraternité. 1961 : The first Share Lent campaign is born under the name of Entraide et Fraternité. Organized by Caritas Catolica to respond to

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Gifts that make sense!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] This year, Christmas will be different. And we all know it will not be easy to spend these holidays far from home. More than anything, at this end of the year, we therefore need to please those around us , even from a distance. And all the more so with gifts that make sense

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How to choose the right electrical device for your suspension?

At Bantayliving, there is a great selection of hanging lamps! You will surely find what you are looking for: there are all kinds of materials (always vegetable), all colors, all sizes and all shapes! As mentioned in each article sheet, they are not supplied with the electrical device. You regularly ask us what solution we

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Handicrafts in Vietnam: an ancestral presence

Handicrafts emerged in Vietnam before the emergence of village structures. It took wait for the organization of the company into villages so that this activity becomes an element structuring and constitutive of the Vietnamese economy and identity. Already in the first century AD, at the time of the Chinese conquest, craftsmanship in the Red River

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What is the mission of the ATD Fourth World association?

ATD Fourth World is a movement that brings together people from all horizons to think, act and live together differently. The violence of extreme poverty, ignorance, destitution and contempt is isolating people and locking them in silence to the point of sometimes making them doubt their belonging to the human community. Join forces to

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