Discover our selection of ethnic-chic braided bags and other tote bags for a successful summer look! An ethical and entirely natural fashion accessory since it is made by hand with plant fibers. Beach basket, handbag or even designer tote, we could not do without them!

The round braided bag: the essential for a successful summer look

Pretty and trendy, the woven palm tree bag is the fashion item that comes back every summer. Thanks to its resistant handles, it can be worn over the shoulder or in the hand and becomes the it-bag to dress a long, fluid dress or a pair of jeans. Initially created to transport its fruits and vegetables from the market, it reinvests our wardrobe thanks to its relaxed and bucolic look . At the beach, in town or quite simply as a decorative object at home, our round braided bag Thoa 148 / 5000
Résultats de traduction
will bring this irresistible bohemian touch to your style or your interior. Want to boost your summer look? Opt for Long An is the super practical and essential basket bag for shopping! We also thought of hanging it in the hall to create a holiday home atmosphere upon arrival.

Our woven palm leaf bags are handmade and fair trade

Palm fiber is a naturally very strong vegetable fiber and is most often used in the making of baskets and other basketwork. Each piece is authentic because handcrafted by our artisan friends and from fair trade. A true artisanal product, the woven palm leaf bag is also eco-responsible since it comes from natural resources renewable. Its use involves ancestral know-how and is essentially the domain of women. The braiding of this natural fiber is a traditional activity often organized as a family, and that is why supporting fair trade through our project also allows us to help these craft guilds! Thanks to our actions and your support, we hope to be able to improve their living and working conditions as well as to encourage solidarity practices between craftsmen and consumers.