This year, Christmas will be different. And we all know it will not be easy to spend these holidays far from home. More than anything, at this end of the year, we therefore need to please those around us , even from a distance. And all the more so with gifts that make sense to us and that do good to those around us.

At Bantay, we have exactly what you need!

Decorative objects that make sense

Bantay, which means “handmade” in Vietnamese, are pretty decorative objects with bohemian chic trends. But in addition to their soft prices, their natural materials and their original style, Bantay Living ensures to remunerate the families of craftsmen at their fair value and donates 100% of the net profits to mutual aid associations.

By buying on Bantay Living, you are therefore contributing to a ethical and solidarity project. You are doing good around you and on a larger scale.

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Our Christmas selection

To help you choose from our first range of online products, we have selected a few items for you that will please those around you during these end-of-year celebrations.

The products that we have decided to highlight, will certainly please those around you.As much for their simplicity, their usefulness, their low price as their all-purpose side. They will indeed find their place in any interior. In addition, in natural material and bohemian chic side, they are very much in current trends.

We therefore offer you:

Our Khong basket , perfect for storing blankets and throws. And easy to transport thanks to its 2 handles.

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Our sleek Ha Dong basket. Ideal as a natural flower and plant pot or as a decorative object!

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Our basket Tien, for storing fruits and vegetables. For its size, you wouldn’t imagine such a low price, right?

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Our little Raq Sala basket, covered in fine silver glitter and perfect for celebrating the end of the year. Admit it is packed!

Our Bao lantern, ideal for bringing a little charm to the living room.

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Grada 45, one of our 3 aperitif boards, very useful for presenting end-of-year aperitifs!

And finally, to decorate your table, opt for Yum Be, our 6 chic and casual place mats!

Are you afraid of making a mistake? Go safe and give a nice gift voucher! 

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Happy New Year’s Eve to all of you!