How to choose the right electrical device for your suspension?

At Bantayliving, there is a great selection of hanging lamps! You will surely find what you are looking for: there are all kinds of materials (always vegetable), all colors, all sizes and all shapes!

As mentioned in each article sheet, they are not supplied with the electrical device. You regularly ask us what solution we recommend. So we made you a little recap !


Buying a suspension without an electrical device has a real advantage: you can choose exactly the device that suits you: color, material, size… In short, you can create the perfect suspension for your home.

For our personal editing, we work with : for Belgium for France

There are of course other brands, but we like Creative Cables because they have a wide range of accessories (cables, sockets etc…)

What are your options when selecting your electrical device?

Either you buy the accessories in bulk and assemble the device yourself. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult to make your own electrical connections, you don’t have to be a skilled handyman. In addition, there are a series of very simple tutorials to follow!

Or, you buy “ready to use” kit systems.

Bulk Accessories


Here’s how to find your way around the different Bantay suspension models!

You will find below  the three types of cases that will present themselves to you when you choose your suspensions.

First case: suspensions that have a frame already fixed, or with a hole to receive the bushing, as below.

In this case, you attach your device (ready to use or assembled by yourself) to the frame and that’s it.


Dhe second case: the suspension has only one hole for the size of the cable.

In this case, you cannot use the ready-made product, you have to do the assembly yourself


Third case: the suspension includes a handle.

In this case, you can easily wrap the cable twice around the handle and hang it from a lamp shade (as below) or from the ceiling with the cable.

And in any case, as you know, we are at your disposal either by what’s app at +33778253816 (it also works for the Belgians, it’s just that Nathalie in charge of the customer service lives in France.) or by mail at

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