Accompanied by Khoa, our faithful guide and interpreter, we visit families in the North West of Hanoi, in search of basketry objects. Adults are modest and don't like to have their picture taken, while children are always asking us to take a selfie with them.

It is a tradition in Vietnam: before taking us to their workshop, they warmly welcome us with tea and fruits.

Maï had insisted on taking me to the bottom of her garden to show me the small river that crossed it

On our way back from a visit to several families in the village of Chuong My in the North of Hanoi, we are caught by children at the exit of a school. They all wanted to be in the picture. Magical!

With our interpreter in Hoi An, where we went to visit the beautiful store of ethical objects " Un jour à HoiAn ".

The Tran family received us very warmly in their home; they made us participate in the ceremony of the ancestors and then made us visit their villages to meet craftsmen, in the surroundings of Hue.

I scrutinize with interest a manufacturing detail.

The workshops are often rooms in the back of the houses where the family settles for the day, working in groups of 4 or 5. This room is also used as a warehouse to store the week's work.

Hmmm, can we turn a chicken cage into a hanging light?

Handbags ready to go to the cooperative that collects them for fumigation before preparing them for export.

I'm tempted by one of these baskets...will I take them or not?

Baskets and more baskets!

It's hard work, but it's also a good chat!

And yes! It may end up hanging in a Brussels, Paris or London interior.

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