The ethnic rug is that decorative piece that will beautify any type of interior. In addition to making you travel, it also warms your room and gives it a natural and modern touch.

Seagrass rug: for a natural and designer style in every room of the house

We love it for its organic and braided look which makes it the darling of natural interiors and designs. The seagrass rug is one of those essentials that will fit into any room of the house thanks to its presence and natural charm. In addition to being aesthetic and ecological, it has the advantage of maximizing the comfort of the room in which it is installed. Its natural color goes perfectly with all materials and styles! Consider pairing it with a pretty bamboo fiber basket or a pretty braided ottoman to enhance that bohemian chic style we love so much. But where does this popular plant fiber come from? Seagrass comes from this plant that grows in swampy areas of flood-prone estuaries in Asia. After the harvest, the fibers are dried, spun and finally woven in the form of a carpet by our artisan friends. This aquatic plant, which grows with its feet in the water, also gives it an undeniable advantage: it is not afraid of humidity! So you can dress the floors of your kitchen or bathroom with this elegant seagrass rug without any fear. Ecological, artisanal and naturally revealing of boho, minimalist or bohemian styles, it is a real alternative to traditional rugs in addition to being a plus for your interior decoration.

The Berber carpet: the decorative detail that does everything!

True heritage of the tribes of the Moroccan High and Middle Atlas, where the techniques of weaving and working with wool are passed down from generation to generation. It’s been a few years since the Berber carpet has become a staple of trendy interiors! And for good reason, we love it for its ethnic, traditional side and its resolutely modern style. Having become a real decorative reference, the Berber carpet is naturally invited in all the rooms of the house: installed in a chic living room at the foot of a velvet sofa, down the bed in the master bedroom to keep your feet warm in the warmth of the house. morning or in the office to add a cozy and contemporary touch. Perfect for revealing the bohemian atmosphere of a room, the Berber rug goes wonderfully with natural fiber baskets and is even more revealed under the soft light projected by a woven palm leaf pendant. Its natural charm immediately takes us to the Moroccan souks where craftsmanship is master and ancestral know-how is preciously preserved.

How to choose the right carpet?

Deciding on the most suitable carpet for your interior can sometimes be difficult. At Bantay, we offer a collection of natural fiber rugs that have the advantage of adapting to any type of decor in addition to bringing an ethnic and natural touch to your room. Are you looking to create a cozy and warm atmosphere? Bet on our Berber carpet which will warm the atmosphere of your living room or bedroom and where your feet will find the comfort you dream of. Do you need authenticity and naturalness in your hallway or kitchen? Choose Tham, our ultra trendy seagrass rug. In addition to its irresistible artisan side, it goes perfectly with our collection of vegetable fiber baskets or our ethnic and bohemian chic pendant lights.

Our rugs are handmade and fair trade

What we would like to accomplish through our collections of decorative objects is to ensure that our artisan friends can perpetuate their traditional art without having to worry about meeting their basic needs. When you make a purchase from Bantay, you are contributing in your own way to the fair trade that is so dear to us. Working directly with artisans, without getting lost among the middlemen, significantly lowers costs and allows us to offer you quality at affordable prices! Each product that we have selected, whether it is a basket or a suspension in vegetable fiber, is made using local and sustainable materials. For example, the seagrass used for the composition of our Tham seagrass carpet is harvested in the flood plains of Asia where it comes from. In addition to being hand-woven by experts in the region, it helps support small producers, as well as providing them with a fair and equitable wage. The most important thing for us is to be able to offer you an ethnic-inspired rug that will enhance your interior for years to come and improve the living conditions of the craftsmen behind it. So here is a solidarity purchase that is also good for your home!