ATD Fourth World is a movement that brings together people from all
horizons to think, act and live together differently. The violence of
extreme poverty, ignorance, destitution and contempt is isolating
people and locking them in silence to the point of sometimes making them doubt
their belonging to the human community. Join forces to achieve
those who are excluded in our societies and recognize the essential contribution
for people living in poverty are steps
essential to end misery and build peace.

A society where everyone has their place
Poverty still condemns millions of human beings to live
today under unacceptable conditions which violate human dignity.
People in extreme poverty are the first to refuse
misery. They have unique knowledge and experience that can
lower the barriers separating the persons and the peoples. By uniting our
courage, our intelligence, our creativity, another world is possible.
To eradicate poverty is to build peace in the world.

The whole society can be freed from misery if we recognize the
courage and capacity for action of people living in poverty, their
freedom to express themselves, to exercise their intelligence and creativity, to decide and
to act with others, as true partners.
Overcoming poverty requires social and personal transformation in order to
eliminate the fear and exclusion reflexes that condemn
the poorest people to remain in misery whatever the
economic wealth of societies.

Responses to poverty are too often temporary measures.
The association is building a long-term presence and let’s think about our projects with

people living in poverty, with the aim of leaving no one

Access education and build knowledge with
the intelligence of all

The waste of the intelligence of men, women, young people and
children in poverty is unbearable discrimination. ATD
Quart Monde wishes to recognize the experience and knowledge of
those who resist extreme poverty in their daily life, support
the aspiration of parents to provide a better future for their children.

Promote an economy that respects people and
the Earth

The economic system leaves the poorest in a situation of destitution and
often results in forced inactivity. Across the world,
many actors are experimenting with economic activities that are not
based primarily on profit but aim to improve the well-being of
people and communities. The association works to ensure that the most
excluded take part.

Mobilize for human rights and peace
It is no longer possible to speak of peace without acknowledging the violence of
misery and the contribution of the poorest to build peace. ATD Fourth
World conducts campaigns to inform and raise public awareness,
in order to reduce prejudices against people in
situation of poverty. They work with public authorities,
organizations and institutions, at national and international level, to

take into account and represent families in situation of
extreme poverty and guarantee access to human rights for all.

“Poverty is not fatal. It is the work of men, only
men can destroy it ”- Joseph Wresinski (founder of ATD
Fourth World)

Bantayliving will soon inform you more about the specific projects developed
by ATD Fourth World.

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